Brussels: political centre, cultural melting-pot, capital of 500 million Europeans

The capital of Belgium and of 500 million Europeans, Brussels is home to the main European Union institutions, NATO and the largest concentration of diplomats in the world. It is also Europe’s leading and the world’s second most important conference city.
But Brussels is much more than that!

Much more than the European Parliament, the Atomium and the Manneken Pis...

Brussels is:

A metropolis on a human scale – green, open, tolerant, welcoming, renowned for its conviviality.

A cosmopolitan region, with a patchwork of districts with contrasting atmospheres and populations of diverse origins that make it a global city with a strongly multicultural character.

An urban landscape blending history and modernity, home to Victor Horta and many others, boasting numerous gothic, neo-classical, art nouveau and art deco masterpieces.

A place famous for its chocolate, good eating and breweries, as well as for its cartoon heroes.

A distinctive sense of humour and a certain sense of self-mockery, embodied in particular by its surrealists.

A cultural melting-pot which delights in the sounds of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, but also of the latest bands and DJs; which attires itself in the finest creations of its couturiers and designers; which revels in the spotlight of dozens of performing arts venues... For Brussels is home to an impressive number of artists – both established and emerging – of all disciplines, home-grown and hailing from all over the world, who account for its particularly rich and inspiring creative environment.

And last but not least, a concentration of galleries, arts centres and private collections (more than 50 gallery owners have chosen to settle here during the last decade), and, among its 14,000 annual events, several gatherings devoted to contemporary art.

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