Ever dreamed of directing your own film or of seeing yourself up on the big screen? In Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory, you can make it happen! The Home Movie Factory invites you to make a complete film in record time in a studio specially prepared for that purpose. You will go through all the phases of the film-making process: from the writing of the script and the casting to the on-site shooting and the creation of special effects.


No training in film is necessary, since a mediator will accompany you through the different aspects of the film-making process. All the equipment is there for you to set to work with by itself. Three hours after you begin, you’ll have your own DVD to take home with you!


The Home Movie Factory is open to the public on Wednesday afternoon and in the weekend. This activity is free and accessible to everyone! We do ask that children under the age of 12 are accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Min. 6 participants – max. 15 participants/group.