International architecture competition

The creation of the new Citroën Cultural Centre is the subject of an international architecture competition.
The competition will take place in two phases.

Phase 1: Open call for applications and shortlist

All firms or teams interested in the project and meeting the criteria for participation are invited to submit an application detailing the composition of their team and their vision of the project.
The applications are examined and evaluated by a selection committee.
They are judged according to both their formal compliance and their intrinsic qualities.
After deliberation, the selection committee shortlists the seven best candidates based on the predefined selection criteria.

Phase 2: Award

The seven shortlisted candidates are invited to submit a design proposal of the new Citroën Cultural Centre.
After submission of the proposals, each participating team is invited to present and defend its project before an international panel.
After deliberation, the panel designates the winner of the competition, who will be responsible for producing the detailed plans and overseeing the preliminary studies and the construction works.