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Museum Saturday


Traditional museums are closed on Saturday nights – but not Kanal-Centre Pompidou. On Saturday evenings we organize free guided tours for individual visitors. Buy your ticket at the desk and the guide will meet you there. Watch out, only the first 20 visitors can join the tour! So don’t waste any time – or else you’ll have to wait a week. Because admit it, Saturday evenings are often wasted evenings anyway …


Afterwork @ Kanal-Centre Pompidou


On Thursday evening, from 18:00 until 23:00, we organize an afterwork at Kanal-Centre Pompidou. Relax after the daily slog with a bite to eat and a drink in the company of colleagues or friends. While you’re at it, you can always pay a quick visit to the ongoing exhibitions.


The Mediator’s Choice


At Kanal-Centre Pompidou we greet visitors with a smile. 

Twice a month, on every first and third Friday of the month at 15:00 and at 20:00, our mediators present their favourite works. Not in the way a guide would, but from their own perspective, based on their experience with and fondness for the works in the rooms.

Tickets: + €3


CIVA & Kanal-Centre Pompidou


If you’ve visited an exhibition at CIVA in Ixelles, then make sure you hold on to your ticket! Show it at the desk at Kanal and you’ll get a €2 discount on your ticket to Kanal-Centre Pompidou.


Waterbus & Kanal-Centre Pompidou


The easiest way to reach Kanal-Centre Pompidou is with the Waterbus! Leave your car at home or park it free of charge on the Heembeekkaai or Steenkaai in Vilvoorde. Then hop on the Waterbus and get off right in front of Kanal-Centre Pompidou. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Show your ticket for the Waterbus at the desk and get a €2 discount on your ticket to Kanal-Centre Pompidou. Planning on visiting on Monday evening or Sunday lunchtime? Then follow the Museum Monday or ‘Welcome to the Family’.


Artist Talks


Kanal wants to support young Brussels-based artists. Ten artists were commissioned this year to present an original work. This is the first step towards the creation of a Kanal collection. Every year we buy new works to build up and enrich the collection. We regularly invite these artists to express themselves. Curious to find out who will be talking next? You will find all the relevant information on our website.




Kanal-Centre Pompidou is the perfect place in which to practise your sense of perspective. Let yourself be guided by the architectural lines of the iconic building and sketch with us! These sketching workshop are organized in collaboration with Urban Sketchers.

Itching to sketch? Then sign up for one of our workshops on Wednesday 13 October (14:00–16:00), Sunday 4 November (14:00–16:00), Wednesday 28 November (14:00–16:00) or Sunday 9 December (14:00–16:00). Other dates are possible upon request.


Booking required



Indian dance is quite expressive. It makes you move in a way that we in the West are not used to. During the lesson you will learn to express emotions through rhythmical movements and you will discover the power of Indian dance. Fond of Bollywood? Then this class is just the thing for you!

These dance classes are reserved exclusively for women. Come dance with us to the rhythm of Indian music!


Want to give it a try? Then sign up for a workshop on November 10, 18 and 25 or December 6, 13 and 20 !


What’s going on @ Kanal-Centre Pompidou?


The Citroën garage is an iconic building in Brussels. An exhibition lurks in each little corner of the building. This tour focuses on the history of the building, on its establishment in the canal area and on the future. What will the museum of the future look like? What are the plans for the future? Discover the building as it is now and how it will look after the renovation. Want to learn about the future of Kanal-Centre Pompidou? Sign up for this guided tour!



Kanal Brut – The artworks


Kanal-Centre Pompidou is more than just the Citroën garage. In collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, we present a range of modern and contemporary artworks. The aesthetic qualities of the garage are emphasized by the presence of large works and installations such Jean Prouvé’s La Maison Tropicale, Toyo Ito’s PAO II, Ross Lovegrove’s Pavilion and Martial Raysse’s Oued Laou.

Besides artworks from the Centre Pompidou, Kanal is building up its own collection. Every year we buy ten new artworks.



Kanal Brut – The commissions


With an eye on the future museum of modern and contemporary art, Kanal – Centre Pompidou wants to invest in the development of its own collection. Brussels has grown into an important creative hub that draws a lot of interesting contemporary artists. Kanal – Centre Pompidou wants to support these young Brussels-based artists and that is why it has bought works by ten young contemporary Brussels-based artists.

During this tour we focus on the commissions they made for Kanal – Centre Pompidou and on the young and promising talents behind these works. You will learn more about our purchase policy, the way in which the works were selected and how a collection emerges.


Kanal Brut - Design


In the autumn of 2018 Kanal-Centre Pompidou presents, in collaboration with Design September and ADAM Brussels Design Museum, Red and White, an exhibition on design. In the 1960s, red and white were, in part due to pop art, the cult colours for plastic objects. The fiery red contrasted with the white minimalist objects, and the repetitive aspect is typical of the design landscape of the time. The works, which strike a balance between industrial object and radical design, sound out the limits of art and architecture.

Red and White: from 5 September 2018 until 7 January 2019




This tour offers you the best of both worlds. It takes in both the building and the artworks! A visit to Kanal-Centre Pompidou is a total experience. Accompanied by a guide, you will discover different contemporary artworks in a unique setting. Let yourself be surprised by the guide’s choice.


Date Night at the Museum


On Saturday evening Kanal-Centre Pompidou stays open until 22:00. That makes Kanal-Centre Pompidou the ideal place for a date night! Single and a culture fan? Then it’s a date! Sign up for this tour and meet your match among the artworks! After the visit to the museum you can have a chat with a drink in the public space of Kanal-Centre Pompidou and then just let love do the talking!

Tickets: + € 6 for the tour

20:30: meeting at the desk

Downtownbrussels.Art (3 hrs)


Downtown Brussels, located north-west of the city’s central axis up to and including the canal area, is a fascinating place. A bit rough, but above all very creative and edgy. So it’s no surprise that more and more contemporary artists, galleries and museums like Kanal-Centre Pompidou are settling downtown. Downtown Brussels is bustling, exciting, young and innovative. With this tour you not only take in Kanal-Centre Pompidou, but also get to discover other interesting centres of contemporary art downtown.



Run Kanal Run


A combination of jogging and art? Why not! In collaboration with Brussels Sightjogging tours, an organization that combines sightseeing and jogging, discover the canal area in a unique way. As you jog you’ll learn more about the street art and graffiti along the canal and about the canal area itself, a fascinating zone that is bustling with creative energy. The run ends at Kanal-Centre Pompidou!

Run Kanal Run always starts and ends at Kanal-Centre Pompidou. After the session, you can enjoy a fresh drink or a tasty bite to eat in the Kanal Street Food Market. Still have some energy? Then visit the museum! A ticket for the running tour includes a free access to the museum. 

Every saturday at 17:00 under reservation at

Price : 20€

For other days, book on the site http://brusselssightjogging.com


Waterbus cruise + guided tour (4 hrs)


The canal plays a prominent role in Brussels. It virtually separates Brussels from Molenbeek, Laken, Anderlecht, etc. As such it has had quite an impact on the communities of these municipalities. This zone was long avoided by the inhabitants of Brussels, but that time is past. The canal area has become the city’s place to be. Things are moving along the canal in terms of ecology, tourism, soft mobility, project development and culture.

Discover this zone with the Waterbus during a four-hour cruise. After the cruise we welcome you to Kanal, where you will discover the cultural impact of Kanal-Centre Pompidou on the area during a tour.


Bollywood @ Kanal-Centre Pompidou


Indian dance is quite expressive. It tells stories about the gods and nature and it makes you move in a way that we in the West are not used to. During the lesson you will learn to express emotions through rhythmical movements and you will discover the power of Indian dance. Fond of Bollywood? Then this class is just the thing for you!

These dance classes are reserved exclusively for women.


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Guided tour (1hr30): from €80 + ticket/person

Guided tour + workshop (2 hrs): supplement of €2/person
We accept a maximum of 20 people per group.    


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