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Lessons of a Virus #2: Jozef Wouters

Lessons of a virus #2 :

Jozef Wouters en conversation avec Guy Gypens

On Decoratelier and Moments before the Wind

  •  Decoratelier is a space that accommodates the various forms of collaboration and labour that is inherent in the work of Jozef Wouters. Space is tested, conversations take place in wood, iron and cardboard. It is a permanent place within the constructional quest for constantly changing spaces in which art, thought and artisans meet.
  •  Moments Before the Wind (VARAMO PRESS, 2020) Moments Before the Wind is a heterogeneous collection of notes on scenography that offers a glimpse into the poetics and artistic practice of Jozef Wouters. These reflections on space, scenography, art making and institutional critique have developed over the years as they were written out loud in various contexts. Now settling on the page among built and unbuilt spaces, they’re an invitation to the reader to think along or against, and think up space for oneself.

Jozef Wouters is a scenographer and theatre-maker based in Brussels, who develops work in collaboration his Decoratelier. Decoratelier is also a workplace for set designers and artists, and provides room for cross-disciplinary ventures and social

Musics: Saul Williams - Talk To Strangers Au Pairs - Repetition Eddie Gale - The Rain Komana - Antidote N°001 No Idea Tuxedemoon - The Cage