Privatizing Kanal

Organize your receptions, conferences and other events at KANAL.

A place, a history, an ambition

Currently amid renovation work, the reopening of KANAL, in its final version, is scheduled for 2024. 


Supported by the Brussels-Capital Region, this ambitious project to renovate the former Citroën garage aims to provide Brussels with a cultural hub that will enhance the influence of the European capital.

To achieve this, the KANAL Foundation will work in close collaboration with the Centre Pompidou until 2027. Covering an impressive area (40,000m2), the future KANAL-Centre Pompidou will not only welcome a museum of modern and contemporary art, temporary exhibitions, and artistic projects, but will also house the CIVA - the Brussels art center dedicated to architecture, urban planning, landscape, and the study of ecosystems -, but also restaurants as well as numerous multi-purpose spaces, including spaces for hosting B2B events, an auditorium and multi-purpose rooms. 


These spaces can be combined with private tours of the exhibitions and our growing contemporary art collection. It will also be possible to imagine tailor-made projects.


Feel free to contact us for more information:

T + 32 2 – 435 13 76


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