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The former Citroën garage is a gem of industrial architecture from the 1930s in Brussels. It forms a wonderful setting in which to present contemporary art. In late 2017 Citroën left the garage and Kanal-Centre Pompidou moved into the building as it was – i.e. with all the existing limitations. The Citroën garage was built for cars. You can tell, for instance, by the ramps that you have to go up to reach the upper floors. Or by the fact that there are no lifts in the building.


This means that during this opening year, Kanal-Centre Pompidou is occupying the space in its current state. So the building has limitations.


After the renovation, the building will be fully suited to the needs of every type of public. Until then, we are doing all we can to take into account the needs and desires of the public.


  • The entrance on the Akenkaai is not accessible for cars or buses. Parking in front of the door is therefore not possible. What’s more, the Akenkaai consists of cobblestones. That is why people in a wheelchair or with a physical limitation can enter Kanal via Willebroekkaai 7, where it is possible to park and where the road is flat and accessible.


  • For the visually impaired, we provide large-font texts. These are available upon request at the desk. 


  • It is possible to book a wheelchair. You can obtain a wheelchair at the desk in exchange of an identity card.


  • We offer significant discounts on tickets for sociocultural organizations and for people with socio-economic difficulties. Kanal works with organizations such as Article 27 and the Vrijetijdsparticipatie fund in order to be able to better serve you.




In addition we adapt our activities to every type of public.


We provide:



Guided tours for the visually impaired with audio description


Several of our guides have been specially trained to provide tours with audio descriptions and have experience guiding the visually impaired. Touching the works is not possible, but with an accurate audio description customized for the visually impaired, a visit is a lot more pleasant already!



General guided tour ‘Ar(T)chitecture’


This tour offers you the best of both worlds. It takes in both the building and the artworks! A visit to Kanal-Centre Pompidou is a total experience. Accompanied by a guide, you will discover different contemporary artworks in a unique setting. Let yourself be surprised by the guide’s choice.



Guided tour ‘The Artworks @ Kanal-Centre Pompidou’


Contemporary art can be very confusing. In the past artists used to make paintings and sculptures. Today artists make installations and performances, and artworks are not always easy to understand … But art always means something. Artists make things to show what they think about society and in doing so invite the viewer to reflect with them.

At Kanal-Centre Pompidou we have a lot of nice contemporary artworks. Come and have a look and reflect with us on the meaning of the artworks. This tour will give you an overall picture of what is on show at Kanal-Centre Pompidou.



Art and Therapy


Art can deeply affect us and even offer insight into who we are and help us overcome certain obstacles. Visit Kanal-Centre Pompidou with a guide and discover an artwork in depth. We discuss the meaning of the work and what it means to us personally. Can art move you too? Then this is the tour for you!



The Artworks – Identity & alterity


Who are you? How does society see you? ‘Who we are’ and ‘how we are seen’ are often two different things. At times we present ourselves as critical and strong, but we often feel vulnerable and unstable.

The exhibition presents works by artists such as Chantal Akerman, who draws a critical portrait of woman, as well as Rineke Dijkstra, Martha Rosler and Asaf Shoshan, who focus on vulnerability.

This exhibition is about identity and being (different) and offers space for our own feelings, sensitivities and vulnerabilities. We visit the exhibition and discuss it with the guide. The exhibition lets us talk about our own experiences and feelings.

Extend your visit with a creative workshop, where we continue to work around themes such as the (self-)portrait, the mirror, being different …

‘Identity and alterity’ runs from 5 September 2018 until 7 January 2019



Bollywood @ Kanal-Centre Pompidou


Indian dance is quite expressive. It makes you move in a way that we in the West are not used to. During the lesson you will learn to express emotions through rhythmical movements and you will discover the power of Indian dance. Fond of Bollywood? Then this class is just the thing for you!

These dance classes are reserved exclusively for women. Come dance with us to the rhythm of Indian music!

Want to give it a try? Then sign up for a workshop on November 10, 18 and 25 or December 6, 13 and 20 !





RadioLab – Kanal was developed by four young students in the context of their graduation work. This project seeks to bring about audience participation through an auditive workshop. RadioLab – Kanal invites visitors to make their voice heard by making a radio broadcast with us and by letting them say what they would like to see happen at Kanal-Centre Pompidou and in the area.

We let everyone, young and old, express themselves and are curious to hear the stories that participants tell and the ways in which they experience art. We don’t shy away from dialogue and are happy to leave the walls of Kanal-Centre Pompidou to make recordings in sociocultural or educational organizations.



Freestyle Dance @ Kanal-Centre Pompidou


Every Wednesday, between 17:00 and 19:00, Freestyle Lab, a Brussels platform for urban dancers, offers youths the chance to dance. Want to learn hip hop or to improve your style? Get inspired by the space and the artworks, learn from one another and discover your own style to the rhythm of hip hop and groovy beats.

Every Wednesday: 17:00 until 19:00, €3



Sketching @ Kanal-Centre Pompidou


Kanal-Centre Pompidou is the perfect place in which to practise your sense of perspective. Let yourself be guided by the architectural lines of the iconic building and sketch with us! These sketching workshop are organized in collaboration with Urban Sketchers.

Itching to sketch? Then sign up for one of our workshops on Wednesday 13 October (14:00–16:00), Sunday 4 November (14:00–16:00), Wednesday 28 November (14:00–16:00) or Sunday 9 December (14:00–16:00).

Other dates are possible upon request.



Urban Tags


Things are moving down by the canal! The canal area used to be kind of dirty and rough, and a lot of people used to avoid this area. But times have changed! The canal area is a fascinating zone that is bustling with creative energy! It is home to a lot of urban artists who cover the streets with graffiti and street art. During this tour you will discover the works of Les Crayons and Bonhom as well as the mural of Corto Maltese. Tell us what you think about graffiti art: is it nice or ugly?



Workshop Wednesday


Feeling creative? Then at Kanal-Centre Pompidou you’re at the right address! Come and work in our mobile workshop, get inspired by the iconic building, help build the museum of the future with all sorts of building materials and give your creativity free rein!

During the workshop we work not only with traditional 2D and 3D drawing and bricolage materials, but we also experiment with new digital technologies, such as makey makeys, conductive ink, laser cutters, open-source games and a lot more!



Let us know about your needs and desires. We’d like to take them into account!

Reservations :