Poetry Slam

Contemporary art often provokes many emotions: from anger to melancholy... Everyone reacts differently to art. During this workshop you will be inspired by the artworks and you will learn to express your feelings through poetry, slam and rap.


Learning Dutch or French? Practice with Kanal. We also organize cultural practice sessions. Then a guide presents 1 work of art and we talk about it afterwards together.

Round Tables

Kanal closes the doors for much-needed work at the end of June. In 2023 we will open again.
But what would you like to see happening at Kanal? What do you think Kanal should do in the future? Your ideas of what a new museum for contemporary art should do are important to us. Join us in discussions and workshops and come build a new fantastic hub for arts and culture together!

Radio Lab

Did you know that Kanal has a real radio studio available? Release your inner journalist and make radio at Kanal! During this workshop you will learn how to use the studio, perfect your journalistic techniques and learn what a room does with sound.

Sketching @ kanal

Urban Sketchers is an international community of artists who draw on location and encourage others to draw. Brussels urban sketchers installed themselves at Kanal and invite everyone to join a workshop. For anyone with or without drawing experience!

Bollywood @ kanal

Bollywood dance is a colourful, joyful dance full of glitz and glamour where you can move your entire body to the rhythm of India. Reserve an initiation session or register immediately for 3 sessions!

Run Kanal Run

Discover the canal zone in an original way! Together with Brussels Sight Jogging Tours, you jog your way through this fascinating zone that is bursting with creative energy. At the end of the tour you run straight into Kanal! Reservation via