• Wednesday 27 March 2019 - 19:00


Klarafestival proposes a programme focused on multidisciplinary musical creations with the aim of building bridges with other artistic media, the visual arts, cinema, theatre, etc.



© Kourliandski

Can technology save us? And what is the price for this ‘technology pact’? These are the questions that drive the second Night of the Unexpected, an evening entirely devoted to creation and creativity, to exploration and discovery.


During the Night of the Unexpected, you move from one small concert to the next with surprises waiting for you around every corner. Compositions with cars in a lead role, with light switches as the rhythm section and with a conductor with diabolical powers (it involves a Nintendo Wii, etc.). All will cross your path!


No better location for this musical adventure than KANAL-Centre Pompidou: a former industrial workshop, the atelier of the modern alchemist. And no better artists than those of the Nadar Ensemble, one of the most avant-garde music ensembles in our country and far beyond.