• Lundi, 19 avril, 2021 - 18:3020:15

Daniela Bershan: Mapping OCEAN

© Daniela Bershan

OCEAN - a ritual/performance and manifestation of care by Daniela Bershan in collaboration with Deborah Birch, Sara Leghissa and Sabrina Seifried was programmed at KANAL in December 2020 and again in March 2021 and had to be cancelled for the obvious reasons. In this archive you can find different tentacles of OCEAN that were - partially - created exclusively for KANAL - Centre Pompidou by Daniela Bershan.



  • You can find video material, images, text and recorded conversation here
  • You can order the printed poster map by Daniela  - commissioned by KANAL. Posters of 'Mapping Ocean' are available for free. More info: