• Mercredi, 21 avril, 2021 - 18:3519:15

Kanal concert: Mâäk Electro

Mâäk Electro is one of the many "manifestations" of the Brussels experimental jazz collective Mâäk. In February this year, a concert plus dance improvisation was planned in the showroom of KANAL. Because of COVID, the concert was not played in front of a live audience but filmed. The film will soon be streamed on KANAL's website. In anticipation of the film, Studio K presents the world premiere of the sound recording. FEATURING: Lynn Cassiers: voice-electronics Laurent Blondiau : trumpet-electronics Giovani Di domenico: fender rhodes Manolo Cabras: bass Marek Patrman: drums Recorded at Kanal-Centre Pompidou on 24/04/2021