Studio K archives

A new experimental project of KANAL-Centre Pompidou: Studio K – A radio room, a web radio for sharing and reflecting.


Studio K has been conceived as a moment of hospitality, of reflection on the future of the museum and that of our societies, a moment of shared intimacy with art, artists and citizens.


Discover our podcasts produced in collaboration with the CIVA, Florent Delval, Magali Halter, Samah Hijawi & Xeno–.


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Radiophonic pieces

Infectious Reader

Infectious Reader spécial Xéno

Off the Record

After Hours

Aesthetics of the Political

Blank screens: Michael Snow (1 & 2)


Dust Dealers

Lessons of a Virus

Les Méduses (Xéno-)

Public Sphere

Deconstruction & Healing - A Queer Practice

“Tomorrow is the question”

Stillstanding for Culture 2021

SOMOS: the youth who deconstruct gender norms

Voice Over n°4: "Patriarchy"

Handsome (K)night