Studio K

A web radio station for sharing and reflection

An experimental project of KANAL-Centre Pompidou: Studio K - an internet radio station for sharing and reflection.


KANAL-Centre Pompidou’s experimental’s webradio, Studio K is imagined as a moment of hospitality, of reflection on the future of the museum and of our societies, a moment of intimacy with art. Studio K aims to be the point of crystallization of a potential, "eternal", fluid and friendly network whose podcasts can be listened to on our "Podcasts" page, as well as on Soundcloud and Spotify.


A rich program of interviews,debates, meetings, round-table discussions, exchanges, performances, documentaries, sound creations, rare archives and carte-blanche programmes, KANAL will make room for a myriad of guests from different backgrounds and invite them to speak out and share what’s on their minds – their questions, desires and visions.


Radio programmes are punctually produced both live shows and recordings, that serve as moments of research in the elaboration of a ‘live’ reflection, in phases, on the role of art and its institutions and on the function of artists and museums during a pandemic. Programmes ‘granted’ to a group of committed individuals and collectives address the subjects on the minds of creators, thinkers and society today, and which must feed an institution that is itself in a state of creation: art and the feminist question, the decolonization of minds and museums, the forms of engagement of artists at the heart of civil society, how to propose a more queer place which takes into consideration the need for care …


Exchanges which tackle the major questions that artistic venues should be committed to answer today : ecology, interculturality, diversity of knowledge ...  . Artists as well as cultural and social actors will deal with these issues in their own way, in the form of creations and sometimes participatory productions that are in direct relation to the Brussels canal area. A series of interviews with artists from different backgrounds, organized around the notion of hospitality.


Design : Flore Fockedey & Sébastien Roy
Infrastructure : Guillaume Abgrall, Damien Izambar Dewulf, Sébastien Schmitz (La Tentative) & Magali Halter
Program: CIVA, Florent Delval, Magali Halter, Samah Hijawi, Xeno- & KANAL-Centre Pompidou

© Veerle Vercauteren