Christian Bakalov



PURE is a performative and immersive installation by Christian Bakalov. It is the second part of the ETERNIA trilogy, developed from Spinoza's concept of "Eternity", which is closely linked to birth and death. Oscillating between visual arts and performance, PURE generates interactions between bodies and objects creating situations in which the public, performers and installations have an equal function, united in the same work of art.



Nazanin Fakoor



Rainbow is a performance that questions identity and its multiple facets. In a solo on stage several characters appear in dialogue with each other – like a rainbow they are formed by reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight on raindrops. Nazanin Fakoor affirms that we all are the result of an infinity of reflections or refractions of the encounters that we make during our life, and this from the beginning, with our first meeting – that with our family. Our identity is plural.

Images for Mars


Karl Van Welden



For the video work IMAGES FOR MARS II (life-sized projection) Karl Van Welden investigates the effect of a disaster on the human body. We see people in a state of carelessness, until a dark ash rain falls upon them, turning their idyll into a catastrophy. Or how a blissful picnic in the park becomes a scene of charred bodies on a patch of scorched earth. During the action the falling ash rain transforms the image slowly but steadily. The performers fight their personal battle while their vitality is under threat. As the physical body changes state, the image becomes a monochrome.