at Kanal Foundation

Yves Goldstein

Chief of mission

Jean-François Leconte

Secretary general

Jennifer Beauloye

Collections, Archives, Library & Research Manager

Alain Benisty

Music Program & Special Events

Béatrice Best

Communications & Sponsoring Manager

Jérôme Bredael

Office Support & Event Assistant

Géraldine de Brouwer

Architect – Deputy Building Manager

Régis Decroos


Marie de Ganay

E-Communication & Community Officer

Damien de Hemptinne

Sales & Ticketing Manager

Ines Deraedemacker

Finance & Accounting Assistant

Baptiste Delhauteur

Finance & Administration Manager

Eléonore de Radiguès

Philanthropy Advisor

Guy Gypens

Head of Performing Arts

Caroline Haraké

Events & Concessions Manager

Louise Liefooghe

Production Officer

Marine Urbain


Olivier Vaessen

Facility Officer

Caroline Van Meerbeek

Audience Development Manager

André Verstraeten

Architect – Building Manager

Photos : Veerle Vercauteren