Library & Archives

The Archives and Library of the KANAL Foundation will be a research centre specialised in all forms of 21st Century contemporary art expression.


These resources will be available to the public to encourage the (re)discovery and production of new knowledge. Closely related to the KANAL Foundation’s collections and its multidisciplinary programme, these resources will represent the Foundation’s accessible, living and critical memory.


The KANAL Foundation’s Archives (KFA) ensure the conservation and promotion of the Foundation’s archives, including the fonds historically linked to it or entrusted to its care.


The KANAL Foundation’s Library (KFL) will offer a collection of works dedicated to contemporary art that will grow along with the acquisitions, programming and research projects led within the Foundation.


The library and archives will be available as soon as KANAL opens (2025).


To submit a donation proposal, please fill in the information sheet and send it by email along with, where possible, a list or inventory with as much detail as possible, to: . Only proposals submitted via the form will be accepted


  • Please indicate ‘Library/Archives proposal’ in the subject line of your email.

We will endeavour to respond to requests within three months and are grateful for your patience while we consider them. For acquisition or exchange proposals, you can directly contact: .




Jennifer Beauloye, Collections, Library, Archives & Research Manager