Atelier KANAL

Right opposite KANAL-Centre Pompidou's temporary closed Showroom is located Atelier KANAL, which offers an overview of the progress of the architectural project for the future museum of modern and contemporary art. The exhibition conceived by Atelier KANAL*, the team of architects working on the conversion of the former garage, shows the progress of the project via graphic documents, scaled models and samples of building materials.

“Our mission at Atelier KANAL is to create a strong public building for Brussels. We imagine a building that celebrates the notion of incompleteness where there is room for change. A project that will evolve as the users appropriate the space for themselves. We see a place for art, encounters, a place to observe and to be observed; a vast public space that encourages exchanges. The exhibition that is housed in the Maison du Projet, right opposite KANAL offers an overview of the current status of the works. It is conceived as a visual documentation of the whole design process. The content will evolve apace with the project. Atelier KANAL is actively involved in the exhibition using it as a studio where it works on the KANAL project. It is an open studio where visitors are encouraged to participate in the process, to comment and leave their feedback and thoughts in the visitors’ book.” -  Atelier KANAL


The exhibition was set up at the behest of the KANAL Foundation in collaboration with CIVA.

*Atelier KANAL is a consortium of three firms of architects located in Brussels, London and Zurich: noAarchitecten, Sergison Bates Architects and EM2N. They joined forces to set up Atelier KANAL, a temporary association dedicated to the KANAL project.



During its closure for renovation until 2024, KANAL-Centre Pompidou opens the doors of its construction site to architecture, urban planning and design students. Through guided tours, the former Citroën garage on Place de l’Yser reveals its transformation into a 21st century museum.


Discover the ambitious architectural project from its conception to its execution, through a presentation starting from Atelier KANAL, the showroom to the old factory spaces.


If you would like more information about these tours, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +32 2 435 13 68.


© Bart Grietens
© Bart Grietens