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Length: 90’.


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Collection Royal Belgian Film Archive

Je tu il elle

Chantal Akerman

© Fondation Chantal Akerman
© Fondation Chantal Akerman
© Fondation Chantal Akerman
© Fondation Chantal Akerman
© Fondation Chantal Akerman

Je: a young woman alone at home moves her furniture around, eventually pushing it against the wall and laying down on the floor. Tu: while eating sugar with a teaspoon, she writes letters. The days pass, the pages accumulate. Il: after several weeks spent tearing up and starting the letters anew, she goes out at night and meets a trucker. He talks about himself, about desire, about his relationship to women. Elle: in the middle of the night, the girl goes to a woman friend, who first rejects her, then shares her meal and bed with her. In the early morning, the girl leaves without a word.

'The second year (in Paris), I lived in the rue Croulebarbe, I often hitchhiked to Brussels and back. Search no farther: that's where Je tu il elle originated. I have no imagination. When I see very imaginative films, I say to myself: “But where did they find all that? Sloth, get up, sloth, get dressed.” That too, I have not been looking for very far. Autobiographical. Yes. No. All is, nothing is. Feelings, no doubt... The facts, always a little transformed, a little invented. Not so the feelings. Not really.” (Chantal Akerman)



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Je tu il elle, Chantal Akerman

Belgium 1974
Black & White - 1h30 - French version EN subtitles
Restored by the Royal Belgian Film Archive 


Director: Chantal Akerman
Screenplay: Chantal Akerman, Eric De Kuyper
Cinematography: Bénédicte Delesalle, Renelde Dupont, Charlotte Szlovak
Production design: Michel Fradier

Editing: Luc Freché
Sound: Samy Szlingerbaum, Gérard Rousseau
Cast: Chantal Akerman, Niels Arestrup, Claire Wauthier
Producer: Chantal Akerman
Production: Paradise Films (Belgium)

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