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© Jacob Garet

BSTRD (BASTARDISING STEPS,GESTURES AND ATTITUDES), is a new solo experiment that is based on the notion of impurity; through this approach, it calls into question the fixed nature of ways of approaching identity or better the concept of ‘’belonging’’ (moral, political, personal) via ideas of origins that tent to oppress the very basic sense of individual autonomy and ignore the reality of contemporary intertextuality.
Admitting that everything is being made from a more complicated and crossing material, how can I observe the already made crossbreeding or even carefully monitor hybridization? Is there any chance to have a pure impurity in that process? Is there possible to use bastardy as a process and to arrive to a unique object where the importance shall not be placed on the question of the origin but on that of the function? What would this bastardy do? Finally, can it arrive to originality though avoiding referentiality? How will BSTRD seek for its own legitimacy?

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