• Thursday, 22Sunday, 25 November, 2018


In partnership with Kaaitheater


Tickets: € 14 / € 10




© Julieta Cervantes

Under an inflatable planetarium that reconstitutes a digital cosmos, 50 spectators are invited to immerse themselves in a visual and musical score. Volatile texts drawn from the Internet galaxy (social networks, forums, platforms, chats, blogs) are sequenced by an algorithm. The actress-performer, equipped with her mind, voice and body, answers as best she can to the uncontrollable flow of abstract or anecdotal signals she perceives. As always in the work of Annie Dorsen, a central question underlies the beauty of this immersive performance. Has the digital world become a new planet already, invaded by a virtual nature that is as uncontrollable and as frightening as the real one? In that case, as in physical nature, order would constantly be destroyed by a form of entropy.