• Tuesday, 20 April, 2021 - 18:0018:30

Céline Gillain: MIRROR PEOPLE

© Céline Gillain
  • An experimental audio essay by Céline Gillain
  • Music and words: Céline Gillain
  • Duration: 23 minutes


Mirror people are the inhabitants of Mirror World. Mirror World is a mirrored version of our world, except in Mirror World there’s no dust and there’s no time, and everybody is an artist. At first, it feels great to live in Mirror World because there’s no housecleaning and no getting old there. You feel important, safe, it’s like you’ve finally found your community. But then little by little, it’s starting to get weird. Pretty soon, you want out of Mirror World. But you can’t find the exit, you can’t remember how you got here in the first place.


Céline Gillain is an artist living in Brussels. Her work is a hybrid combination of corrupted pop songs, feminist sci-fi, storytelling, dark humor, exploring ways to decompartmentalize music and spoken words genres, investigating the meeting points of the so called high and low cultures.