• Sunday, 4 October, 2020 - 16:00


Showroom 0

Free entrance (public space),

no reservation needed


Public will remain seated during the duration of the concert according to safety measures as per governmental decision.


© Laurent Orseau

Look no further - the duo behind this slightly cryptic name are big names in the national music industry: Pascal N. Paulus (AKA Paulson) on the synthesiser and Jean-Philippe De Gheest on the drum. The former plays multiple instruments and is a former producer of Mélanie De Biasio, La Jerôme, Kris Dane, and more. The latter is mostly known for his many years of collaboration with American gothic rock singer Mark Lanegan and is also a member of Piloot, a groovy and experimental improvisation trio. The duo from Brussels have been playing together since 2016 and have produced no less than three albums during that time (the next one is planned for 2021).


Their music is mainly instrumental and is based on long, contemplative, tension-riddled stretches, sometimes slightly ambient dub, but with notions of psyché, jazz, drones, soundscapes, etc. In other words, beautiful and real invitations to join them on journeys that are both internal and cosmic.