• Thursday, 4 February, 2021 Sunday, 7 March, 2021  


Showroom 2

Part of  It Never Ends: Part 2


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It Never Ends – Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay, Chaises musicales, 1996.© Hugard & Vanoverschelde

Christian Marclay’s work which stands at the crossroads of visual arts and sound, has focused since the late 1970s on the connection between music, objects, films, and images. Organised around two major works by the London-based Swiss American artist that were produced two decades apart, this exhibition reveals the artist's continued focus on the musical symbols present in our everyday lives, like the many calls to act out our existence. Ephemera, a vast score, the composition of which is based on photos that were discovered, enters a dialogue with a spectacular installation called Musical Chairs, inspired by the children’s game of the same name. It is a nod to the chair events of the Fluxus artist George Brecht.