• Sunday, 28 February, 2021 - 14:0017:00


Showroom 1

  • in French and in Dutch
  • age 8-12
  • free
  • limited places available
  • mandatory reservation:

Fluxus Curiosity

Isabelle Dumont

© Isabelle Dumont

Fluxus believes that art is not tied to any specific location or form but is an extension of life itself... The spirit of Fluxus therefore extends in all directions, including through distraction art: small boxes (Fluxbox) containing unusual objects, kits for happenings (Fluxkit) with pocket-sized works of art and absurd games... Lots of small curiosity cabinets aimed at humour, derision and fun. Isabelle Dumont invites children to discover these items via a tour of the collection of boxes exhibited at KANAL, followed by a workshop where they produce a joint Fluxkit for a party and individual Fluxboxes to take home with them.


After completing her literature studies, Isabelle Dumont turned her attentions to the performing arts, first as a performer drawn to experimental theatre, movement and song, but also as a playwright and collaborator with other artists. In addition to this, Isabelle has, over the past 15 years, developed a unique personal trajectory revisiting the concept of curiosity cabinets in the form of scenic conferences for sharing, via a combination of unusual specimens and objects, joyful knowledge about topics close to her heart: things baroque, the natural world and the history of ‘Wunderkammern’, these ‘curiosity cabinets’ that are currently enjoying a revival as cross-disciplinary devices between art and science. At the heart of her approach is the desire to highlight the value of curiosity, which makes us more focused on and attentive to the elements we use to shape our world and the people with whom we do that.