• Thursday, 6 June, 2024 - 16:00


Rue Picardstraat 170, 1080 Molenbeek

From Brussels to Anywhere

Maria Kley x Imelda Instituut

From Brussels to Anywhere is a participative project led by artist Maria Kley in collaboration with students from the Imelda Institute, Molenbeek. Over the course of several workshops, the students created a "group portrait" using sculptures destined for installation in the school’s courtyard.


Maria Kley and the students met every week, either at school, in the artist's studio, or while visiting exhibitions together. During walks, philosophical conversations, and workshops, the eleven sixth-year Tourism students (2022-2023) reflected on their personal history and their ambitions for the future. Taking place in the final months before their graduation, From Brussels to Anywhere allowed the students to discuss with the artist and with each other ways to broaden their horizons, stimulate their imagination, and express their own views on life.


The workshops were centred around large checkered bags known as “shoppers”, which are a common sight on the streets of Brussels. These everyday objects represent “baggage” in both the literal and figurative sense: not only the objects we carry with us, but also our personal experiences, talents, and plans for life, work, or travel.


The workshops resulted in a series of sculptures in the form of armchairs. The seats, made from strong, durable acrylic resin, combine the original shape and texture of the shopping bags with the personal stories of the students, all the while reflecting the creative process. The sculptures add a touch of colour to the Imelda Institute's courtyard and meeting area, and emphasise the importance of an environment where each person’s journey is as important as their destination—a gift from the students to future generations.


This project was initiated and produced by KANAL-Centre Pompidou with the support of the Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium.

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