• Thursday, 11 April, 2024 - 19:00
  • Friday, 12 April, 2024 - 19:00
  • Saturday, 13 April, 2024 - 19:00


As part of Dream City


Location: Mercerie. Rue Van Arteveldestraat 70, 1000 Brussels


Co-presentation KANAL-Centre Pompidou & L’Art Rue

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Radouan Mriziga and Sondos Belhassen
Thu 11.04Fri 12.04


Selma and Sofiane Ouissi

© Pol Guillard

A quiet plea to take care of all living things.


A magic square, a dancer, and two birds. Bird invites us to reflect on our relationship with all living things. How can we consciously share a space together? What are the consequences of this togetherness? What ‘ways of being’ are being created? Can interaction be a starting point for a choreography?


Dancer and choreographer Sofiane Ouissi moves across a geometric square, taking account of the other bodies that are moving through the same space. He embraces an encounter with two birds, without trying to control or tame them. Large gestures are unnecessary, receptiveness is found in the little things: the sound of flapping wings, in heartbeats that engage in dialogue with each other.