• Saturday, 10 September, 2022 - 19:00


In the public space, Brussels


In the framework of the festival (PAS SI) FRAGILE! 22


In co-production with Compagnie Thor

Love Dynamics: Hold

Benjamin Muzart

© Benjamin Muzart

Love Dynamics: Hold is about the difficulty of setting boundaries in the right place when you are made vulnerable by a budding love. At those moments when the desire to please the other person and our own needs collide, how far are we willing to follow the dynamics of the loved one?


Curious about the intimate interactions between the individuals and their direct environment, Benjamin Muzart first tackled these questions as part of a Master’s degree in cognitive science. In 2020, he joined the scenography workshop at La Cambre, where he extended his thinking from a more poetic angle, through performance. His work recounts the difficulty of drawing contours, and forms a set of attempts to transcend, understand, or embrace the limits of the self, by plunging sometimes inside, sometimes outside.



Curating and production: Lucille Calmel and Antoine Pickels
Artistic director Cie. Thor: Thierry Smits
Administration: Hélène Perreau (La Cambre) and Emilie Wacker (Cie. Thor)
Communication: Romane Carmon
Technical director: Wenceslas Kaboré
Sound technician: Jean-François Lejeune
Lighting director : Alexandre Monier
Stage manager: Raphael Simmons
Venue handling, artists reception: Brahim Sahli
Pre-production assistant: Anatole Chartier
Public reception & mediation Studio Thor : Juliette Ban, Giulia Bonfiglio, Prudence Henken, Benjamin Huynh, Johanne Mortgat, Maxence Obein, Zaz Le Lous