• Saturday, 20 February, 2021 - 14:0017:00


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KANAL takes part in « Still Standing for Culture »

The Museum of Performing Arts

Performative actions with Pauline Etienne, Constanza Sommi, Marta Lodoli, Denis Michiels, Nelly Meriguet, Regina Bikkinina, Lola Ruiz, Gianna Vincenza, Gaëlle Coppée, Clémént Paly, Hanna de Vletter, Fabien and Camille (tbc)


A collective of artists from all walks of life invites you to come and visit the museum of performing arts. It is an authorized, momentary, secure exhibition of the intangible heritage of humanity.


For 3 hours, and to the delight of the public, KANAL – Center Pompidou, has decided to offer a space of visibility to those who have not had any for a year. During your visit, you will be able to approach (but not too close), observe and support through your presence, artists who have had to transform, reinvent themselves or simply forget themselves to adapt to the health crisis which has hit hard. a fragile sector but so essential to our society.