• Sunday, 11 April, 2021 - 15:00


Showroom 2-5

  • free admission with exhibition ticket



© Iwona Pom

More than 20 years ago, Mâäk Quintet emerged as a classic jazz quartet centered around trumpet player Laurent Blondiau. Today, the quintet is a multifaceted collective with international connections. And easily one of Belgium’s most praised avant-garde jazz formations. Out in the streets or inside a concert hall, acoustic or amplified, in front of crowds or in a more intimate setting… Mâäk is all about vitality, dynamism and musical freedom. Within well-defined musical boundaries, the quintet creates a sound that ranges from sophisticated and fascinating to magnetic and sensual.


Even after 20 years of Mâäk, their music continues to surprise us. The musicians never stop experimenting with new sounds, rhythms and harmonies. In the KANAL showroom, they make the most of the building's unique acoustics; the six floors of the showroom are acoustically linked via openings on the glazed side of the building. Adhering to the COVID regulations we all need to follow, the musicians maintain social distancing and are dispersed over the different floors. Spatially and visually separated, they set their sights on musical connection and collectivity.