• Thursday, 15Sunday, 18 October, 2020

Showroom 0 - 5

John M Armleder, John Cage, Olga de Soto, Bryana Fritz, David Helbich, Stephen O’malley, Nam June Paik, Jerome Porsperger, Michael Schmid, Dj Steph Wunderbar, Kris Verdonck, Adva Zakai, …


Opening hours  
Late opening: Thursday     11.00 am - 11.00 pm
Friday > Sunday      11.00 am - 8.00 pm


Silent Room

Silent music, a performance of nothing, a film without images, Silent Room, the first theme weekend conceived as part of It Never Ends, offers the chance, in a world saturated with sound and images, of experiencing disappearance and the void.

One day in 1981, in St. Gallen, Switzerland, John M Armleder put on a musical programme entitled Mostly Silent Music: from the 4'33 of silence by John Cage to Audience by Ben Vautier, from Dadaist experiments to the meditations of La Monte Young, the artist performed a series of musical pieces in which sound was absent, so that the audience became the actors. Almost thirty years later, KANAL - Centre Pompidou will reconstruct this historic event.


Echoing the exhibition None of the Above, an exhibition conceived by Armleder on the second floor of the Showroom - sensory and conceptual experimentation, in which some 50 artists show works at the frontier of the visible and perceptible, Mostly Silent Music marks the inauguration of an ensemble of artistic offerings whose leitmotif is withdrawal, near nothing, absence.



On the program:


  • Thursday - 15.10

19:00-20:00 Lecture on Nothing, John Cage by Bryana Fritz
20:00-22:00 Mostly Silent Music (extended remix), by Adva Zakai & Michael Schmid


  • Friday - 16.10

20:00-22:00 KANAL & Les Ateliers Claus present: Stephen O’Malley


  • Saturday - 17.10

14:00-14:30: IN, Kris Verdonck

14:00-17:00: Silent Disco !

15:00-15:30: IN, Kris Verdonck

16:00-16:30: IN, Kris Verdonck

17:00-17:30: IN, Kris Verdonck

18:00-19:00: Paper Lane, Olga de Soto


  • Sunday - 18.10

14:00-14:30: IN, Kris Verdonck

15:00-15:30: IN, Kris Verdonck
15:30-16:30: Echo Ovations: Human Delays From Inner Space, David Helbich
17:00-17:30: IN, Kris Verdonck

18:00-18:30: IN, Kris Verdonck


  • Continously during the four days:

- Zen for Film, Nam June Paik
- Tribute to John Cage, Nam June Paik