• Wednesday, 10 April, 2024 - 20:00


K1 (Temporary venue)

As part of Dream City


Co-presentation KANAL-Centre Pompidou & L’Art Rue

The Arab World, Africa and Europe in the Light of the Gaza Tragedy: Is a Common Future Still Possible?

 Mouna Karray from the series Nobody Will Talk About Us© Mouna Karray, ADAGP, Paris. SABAM Brussel 2024

For many years the relationship between the South and North shores of the Mediterranean have been under increasing pressure. Schengen-related visa-issues; dramatic migration deaths in the Mediterranean, related to the exportation of European migration policies; and now the continuous and unfolding tragedy in Gaza. Which future can we still imagine and construct together? Which role to play for Europeans out of Brussels and for Africans and Arabs out of Tunis and the entire MENA-region. Together with key-thinkers and activists from Tunis and Brussels we will reflect on these complex issues.


Panel discussion with Sophie Bessis, Wahid Ferchichi, Samah Hijawi, Samaa Wakim. 

Moderator: Adnen El Ghali