• Thursday, 15 June, 2023 - 18:30


Atelier KANAL

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FAÇADE: Laure Prouvost

Sat 25.03Fri 01.09

Laure Prouvost in conversation

with Pauline de La Boulaye and Lucia Pietroiusti

To celebrate FAÇADE, a series of works in public space, KANAL-Centre Pompidou is hosting a conversation between artist Laure Prouvost, who has inaugurated the series, and curators Pauline de La Boulaye and Lucia Pietroiusti. Building on each of their expertise, the conversation aims to explore new perspectives around public space and urbanism, nature and ecology, and ask how the city’s inhabitants can imagine new and better ways of living together.


Prouvost’s work is a call to action, inviting us to reimagine our ties to the city and to each other, and how nature and urban life might merge. Pauline de La Boulaye is a writer and curator. Her projects and research revolve around art, architecture, urban space, and participatory processes. Lucia Pietroiusti is a curator working at the intersection of art, ecology and systems, usually outside of the gallery format.