• Saturday, 20 February, 2021 - 14:0017:00


Showroom 1

Workshop Kids: for children aged 6-12.
Limited number of places – bookings only .

Activity in Dutch and French.

Miniature works

Léonore Frenois

© Veerle Vercauteren

Have you ever climbed to the top of scaffolding? Have you ever seen trees ... upside down? Have you ever seen a wood fire in… neon lights? Have you ever seen objects that become what you want them to be? And that then become your own work of art? If, as is the case with John M Armleder, art is a game to you, let's go discover his works together as we wander through the vast expanses of the KANAL museum: supine, vertical, upside down, dancing, meditating, in the dark, in the light, etc. Over the 5 floors dedicated to John Armleder and his many friends, we will observe, question, play, distort and appropriate the objects gathered and assembled by this truly astonishing artist! We'll even create a truly miniature work of art, no bigger than a postage stamp. And with good cause, as it has to be sent in an envelope to… John M Armleder himself! A workshop for those who like to observe, play, assemble, transform, move, among disco balls or tyres, in the showroom of the former Citroën garage.


Léonore Frenois is an artist from Brussels, who trained in visual arts (ERG), movement theatre (Kleine Academie) and art education (La Cambre). She draws, cuts, films, performs, plays and stages. She recently wrote, acted and directed " Quelque chose s’est passé dans mon enfance qui m’a donné une forme de solidité” [Something happened in my childhood that gave me a form of solidity] in Bozar and starred in "Is there life on Mars?” at the Théâtre National. She organises workshops and training courses for a diverse audience, ranging from young children to soon-to-be-qualified teachers. She is interested in outsider art productions and organises workshops in different venues dedicated to mental health, disability and inclusion.