• Friday, 25 September, 2020 - 20:00


Showroom 1

DJset - Concert

Free entrance (public space)

Zeta Lys & Mika Oki

Mika Oki© Paul Wijsen
Zeta Lys© Dorien Buys

Zeta Lys

A Dutch artist based in Brussels, we owe her Oskari on The Word Radio, a rather ambient show but with no real restrictions and always on the lookout for nuggets. She has also been seen getting the crowds to move at various festivals (Listen, Out Loud, Dekmantel, Garage Noord, etc.) with more percussive sets.

Mika Oki

Sculpture and the study of electro-acoustic music taught her the importance of textures and of working on the sound material. Her love for the heavy bass of the rawest grime and preferably dark techno blends with this sharp artistic background for an immersive experience that is as disturbing as it is effective.