Student projects


The exhibition presents work created in an academical context involving several European universities. It’s the places where research engages with tomorrow’s challenges resulting in spectacular metamorphoses. Last Spring, an open call was launched by CIVA, inviting architecture and art schools to occupy the Showroom and give insights in their reflection process. Several teachers and students showed their interest and decided to participate. The different projects and approaches show the versatility of the architectural domain, perceived from a pedagogical perspective. On the one hand they confront patterns of thinking, project processes and production protocols in constructing cities and landscapes. On the other hand they show particular worldviews that emerge by representing them, by idealizing or appropriating them immediately : Your Future Practice (KUL/ULB), Contest Kanal - Centre Pompidou - CIVA (ULB), VIVRE MAINTENANT (ENSA Versailles), Repenser la Zone du Canal (Léa Brami / Héloise Nicol), Studio Citroën (ENSAP Lille), House 3 drawings models prototypes (EPFL) and projets Typographies (ERG).