© Photo: We Document Art

As its title makes obvious, Woman is a 1:1 representation of an idealized female silhouette. Woman brings together various preoccupations of Danai Anesiadou: the central position of the body and questions pertaining to identity, performance and cinema, our emotional relationship to objects, sciences considered as occult, and the transfiguration from one state to another.

Woman is a unique work but it belongs to a series of orgonite sculptures made in 2023 by Danai Anesiadou for her solo exhibition at WIELS entitled D POSSESSIONS (28.01–23.04.2023). An organite is an energy-transforming device based on psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich’s teachings. It is a wellness tool which neutralizes electromagnetic frequencies. The orgonites created by Anesiadou contain the artist’s personal belongings, recycled metal shavings, epoxy and crystals.