PLAN B – série B

© Joëlle Tuerlinckx, PLAN B – série B, postcards, 2021. Photo: Simon Vogel

For her exhibition "PLAN B - série B" at the Large Glass Gallery in London and the Nagel Draxler Gallery in Cologne in 2021-2022, Joëlle Tuerlinckx created a series of 63 postcards that have a hybrid status, both as works of art in their own right and as photographic or scanned reproductions of the artist's own works or constantly evolving archival documents.

In the tradition of Marcel Duchamp's Boîtes-en-valise, an essential artist for Joëlle Tuerlinckx, PLAN B - série B functions as a kind of mini-retrospective for Tuerlinckx. The artist has humorously given her work the form of museum postcards, as if her work had become a by-product. Tuerlinckx was directly inspired by postcards found in museum shops, whose design she reproduced, thus creating an additional ambiguity: the cards look as if they were produced on different occasions and therefore date from different times, which is not the case.

The title, identical to that of the exhibition in which the box was produced, refers to a supposedly "logical" method of classifying a work that is in fact rhizomatic and always in motion. As with her lexicon, the artist defines and classifies her own work in a very personal way. The "Plan B" to which the title refers is also an alternative, where invention and imagination take place when the dominant model fails.