No Water

Overzicht installatie, De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art, 2021. Foto: Gunnar Meier© Courtesy of the artist and Gladstone gallery

"The murals I create attempt to be democratic and accessible, interacting with the architecture and its programming or function. They are often influenced by personal preferences of those involved or related to the institution or client, and intentionally do not require any expertise for their execution. They let you experience a particular idea, anchored and conceived locally, fitting a space like a glove." [Kasper Bosmans]

These works are performed according to the instructions given by the artist in a protocol. For No Water, the upper part of the wall is painted blue and the lower part brown. The mural refers to the drop in the water table due to pollution and soil depletion. The water table determines the availability of drinking water in wells around the world. In 2019, the year No Water was created, the World Resources Institute (WRI) published a report assessing the global risk of water shortages. Almost a quarter of the world's population is at risk, including Belgium, which ranks 22nd.