• Wednesday, 15Thursday, 23 May, 2019


Performance 22.05.19 & 23.05.19 



For three weeks in May, Kunstenfestivaldesarts invites artists from different parts of the world and Brussels to redefine the boundaries of theatre, dance and performance and to enter into dialogue with local initiatives, creating occasions for reflection about the present and the city we live in.





BOGUS I_III - Kris Verdonck / A Two Dogs Company & ICK


© César Abreu

Is what we see really what it seems? The series BOGUS I-II-III consists of three variation on the same principle: they are each time enormous inflatable sculptures, made out of the black fabric characteristic of the theatre. These automated inflatable sculptures appear and disappear again into their respective boxes. Together, the three installations form a landscape of performative objects. They suggest a post-apocalyptic environment, after the end of humanity, when machines have continued without us and have taken proportions we couldn’t have imagined up until now. At the same time, they are sculptures an image of the alienation, the violence and the spectrality of a society in which everything has been turned into a commodified disposable. The size and ambiguous material of these sculptures turn the BOGUS series into a series of uncanny entities. Or as the Viennese philosopher Günther Anders would formulate it: we are so clueless and breathless when confronted with our own products, as if they were objects delivered to our homes, unsolicited, by inhabitants of a strange planet.


  • Concept & Direction: Kris Verdonck
  • Dramaturgy: Kristof Van Baarle
  • Technical Coordination: Jan Van Gijsel
  • Creation & Technical Construction: Eefje Wijnings, Kris Verdonck, Koen Roggen
  • Software & Electronics: Vincent Malstaf
  • Production: A Two Dogs Company
  • With the support of: the Flemish authorities, the Commission of the Flemish Community (VGC)