• Monday, 9Friday, 13 July, 2018


Nazanin Fakoor

© Nazanin Fakoor

Rainbow is a performance that questions identity and its multiple facets. In a solo on stage several characters appear in dialogue with each other – like a rainbow they are formed by reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight on raindrops. Nazanin Fakoor affirms that we all are the result of an infinity of reflections or refractions of the encounters that we make during our life, and this from the beginning, with our first meeting – that with our family. Our identity is plural. There is no one and only point of view, although we are constantly confronted with a simplifying categorization (right and left, young and old, man and woman, etc.). It seems obvious, however, that we are complex human beings with different facets and layers that accumulate throughout our lives and that therefore we are several things at the same time.


Concept & performance: Nazanin Fakoor


In partnership with workspacebrussels, KANAL-Centre Pompidou welcomes for the summer season, a program of six emerging artists.  Laboratory of artistic innovations in the art scene, with an important focus on the transdisciplinary projects, Worksspacebrussels supports the young artists in their career path in the professional artistic scene. The collaboration with workspacebrussels is completely coherent with the multidisciplinary and resolutely experimental program of BRUT, which defines this year of prefiguration at KANAL-Centre Pompidou. The audience is invited to discover and sometimes to participate in the process of creation by the six artists.


Co-production: workspacebrussels, C-Takt, nOna / Lunalia Festival – With the support from: BUDA, Boghossian Fondation, Le Corridor, Sabam