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The Brussels biennial of performance art turns the spotlight on the contemporary art of performance through the prism of theatre, dance and the visual arts. Performatik is the main performance-art event in Brussels. In partnership with: KANAL–Centre Pompidou | Beursschouwburg | Wiels | ARGOS centre for art and media | Bozar | Kaos | workspacebrussels | Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain | CC Strombeek | Centrale For Contemporary Art | ZSenne artlab |  A.PASS


Co-production Kaaitheater & Kanal - Centre Pompidou


Ivo Dimchev

© Kourliandski

Selfie Concert is an interactive performance that will take place in the Workshops of KANAL–Centre Pompidou.


Artist, performer, singer and musician Ivo Dimchev proposes a new approach to concerts by including the audience.


Ivo Dimchev describes his project in a few words: ‘I like the idea of a concert during which people constantly take selfies with me while I sing. Selfie is a choreography. Selfie is a sculpture. Selfie is a tragedy. Selfie is love.

Selfie is less for me, more for us.’ Ivo Dimchev


Ivo Dimchev lives between Los Angeles, New York, Vienna and Sofia, presenting controversial performances, vocal concerts, art exhibitions and books. For the past two years he has devoted himself to music.


Idea, text and music: Ivo Dimchev

Performer: Ivo Dimchev and the audience

Production: Humarts Foundation (Sofia - BG)

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