Plan your activity at Kanal!

Make modern and contemporary art accessible and attractive to all. That's Kanal's goal!
At Kanal, we want to offer our visitors an exceptional cultural or creative experience, whatever their language, their origin or their limits. We want to be a place where everyone feels at home and can enjoy art and culture.
Modern and contemporary art is much more than "me too, I can do it" or "it does not tell me anything". Art resonates with the society in which we live, with ourselves. Public participation, collaboration, exchange are fundamental principles when it comes to contemporary art. The Kanal Foundation wishes to offer its public the best cultural experience possible. To achieve this, we organize all kinds of guided tours, workshops, conversation tables or internships. The mediation department invests in participative and socio-cultural projects as well as in partnerships with schools, organizations and citizens in Brussels.

Do you have a proposal to submit? Contact the education department at the email address or by phone at 02 435.13.83.

Program September 2019 - April 2020

After Kanal Brut and before the inauguration of the new exhibitions, we propose a program both inside and outside Kanal’s walls. Do not forget to book in time. Organizing an activity needs time so we invite you to book three weeks in advance.

Extra Muros

  • Conversation tables: What future for Kanal?

At the end of June 2019, Kanal temporarily closed its doors, to carry out major structural works. In 2023, Kanal must become the largest cultural institution in Brussels. During the closing, the education department devotes itself to a bottom-up approach. Do you have an idea of what activity Kanal could organize or what role the new museum could play in the canal area? Your opinion matters to us ! That's why we organize conversation tables for, together - guided by a professional - to discuss the future of Kanal. The conversation table can take place at school, in your socio-cultural organization, in a community center or cultural group ...

  • Kanal & and the canal area

The canal area is fascinating. A little raw, but very creative and trendy. The urban art that surrounds the canal is mythical. Throughout this journey, you will visit the streets of Brussels and Molenbeek to the rhythm of urban artistic interventions and will learn about the former Citroën garage, a model of modernist architecture, a real cathedral of steel and glass. This guided tour focuses on the history of the building, its location in the canal area and its future. What will the museum of the future look like?


  • Plogging & and the canal area

You want to discover Kanal and the canal area? Preserving the environment is important to you? This guided tour combines "the best of both worlds"! During this activity, you will contribute to the blooming of the neighborhood by "plogging", a trend straight from Scandinavia, combining jogging or walking and picking up trash. Kanal is particularly concerned about sustainability as part of the construction of the future museum of modern and contemporary art. Together, we want to make the neighborhood more enjoyable!


  • Site visits

At the end of June 2019, the curtain fell on Kanal Brut. Between September 2019 and April 2023, structural works will transform the former Citroën garage into a museum of modern and contemporary art. The opening is planned for 2023 and during the closure, we organize site visits. Curious? Plan your visit without delay!

Educational folder


For teachers, we have developed teaching kits to prepare a visit or activity in Kanal with students from primary and secondary education. You can get them by writing to .


Plan your activity via:


  • Activity 1h-1h15: € 60 for school groups / € 75 for cultural groups
  • Activity 2h-2h30: 90 € for school groups / 105 € for cultural groups
  • Activity (1h) + creative workshop (1h): 90 € for school groups / 105 € for cultural groups
  • Conversation table 1h30-2h: 90 € for school groups / 105 € for cultural groups
  • Weekend price: + 10 €
  • Foreign language supplement (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian ...): + 10 €
  • We accept maximum 15 people per group.

Financial support

We offer considerable discounts on rates to socio-cultural organizations, schools or individuals with socio-economic difficulties. Kanal is partnering with organizations such as Article 27 and the Cultuurparticipatiefonds to serve you even better. If the price is still too high, let us know and we will work together to find a solution.

April 2020 Program - November 2020

From April 2020, we will open our rooms for a new exhibition that will, of course, be accompanied by a new educational program. So Stay tuned !