• Saturday 24 November 2018 - 14:0020:00





©  Peter Reznikoff

On November 24, CIVA organizes a one-day discussion Being with Pedagogy — a year after its seminal series Being with Art / Being with Architecture.



This event follows a two-day symposium, Scaffolds (22-23 November), further exploring ideas of radical experimentations and the role of critical pedagogies in art and architecture.

It will be again an opportunity to take risk and rethink the power and responsibility of education today within the context of climatic, cultural and political swiftly changing conditions.


In other words: how to reflect structural changes now that will impact living environment for forthcoming generations? How future inhabitants will reshape our “Spaceship Earth” — as to paraphrase architect and famous educator Buckminster Fuller?

How to look in retrospect and enquire the heritage of historical pedagogies — most important role models for the 19/20th century being Beaux-Arts forming the idea of learning by copying while Bauhaus founded the basis of learning by inventing?



A series of conversations with international leading practitioners - architects, theoreticians, writers and curators - will take place to reflect on the stakes at play in a contemporary environment of art, culture and the city under constant probation.

These discussions will be recorded and edited — laying the basis and objectives of a critical agenda for the department.



Invited guests will be Christophe Van Gerrewey, Patrice Neyrinck, Marc Godts, Claire Moulène, Mathilde Villeneuve and Jean-Louis Cohen among others.