• Thursday, 4 April, 2024 - 19:00
  • Friday, 5 April, 2024 - 19:00


As part of Dream City


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Location: Kaaistudios. Rue Notre-Dame-du-Sommeil 81, 1000 Brussels 


Co-presentation KANAL-Centre Pompidou, Kaaitheater & L’Art Rue

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Losing it

Samaa Wakim and Samar Haddad King

© Magdalena Bichler - Theaterformen festival

What if you grew up in a war zone? How does that impact your identity?


“Can you still hear the bombs? I can hear them.”


What if you grew up in a war zone? How do you cope as a child when you are exposed to political conflict on a daily basis?


The choreographer and performer Samaa Wakim grew up in the occupied Palestinian territories. During this solo dance performance, she asks herself how these experiences impact her identity. Through movement and sound, she remembers her youth and the imaginary world she created in order to survive. Driven by her own sounds and live music by Samar Haddad King, she goes back and forth between fear and hope, between sounds that used to scare her and sounds that used to bring her comfort.

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