Videos from Dream City


Presentation of video installations of artists Heba Y. Amin, Ismaïl Bahri and Youssef Chebbi, Fakhri El Ghezal, Malek Gnaoui, Bouchra Khalili, Rabih Mroué and Mouna Karray. On view after each performance.


Selma and Sofiane Ouissi



For the Wajdan project, Selma and Sofiane Ouissi directed five women artists living in Tunis, Beirut, Damascus, Cairo, Brussels and Sao Paulo remotely. Filmed at home by their mobile phones, they respond to the voice of Wajdan, a Syrian political refugee living in France. A film full of humanity, about social relationships and the role of artists during times of crisis.


Bouchra Khalili in conversation with Joachim Ben Yakoub

The Tempest Society


Three Athenians from different backgrounds form a group to examine the current state of Greece, Europe, and the Mediterranean. They get together on a theatre stage that is being used as a public space.


Paula Almiron and Wouter De Raeve

Swamp Sacrifices


Since 2021, artists Paula Almiron and Wouter De Raeve have been working in Brussels’ Northern Quarter to investigate the impact of urban planning on local communities. The neighbourhood, like many others in the city, is located in a large swampy area, which was drained to provide space for the growing city. The swamp buried under the asphalt streets of Brussels serves as a starting point of Swamp Sacrifices, a two-day programme of performances, a concert, screenings, and talks.


Pan-African Arts and Archives

Projecting Congo


Congolese rumba and Lumumba as an international icon of resistance are some of the best-known examples of the Congolese addition to pan-African thought. However, the country’s contributions to feminism and quilombismo, an emancipatory philosophy that originated in Afro-Brazilian communities, are less recognized. This one-day conference explores how all these artistic and intellectual productions born in the wake of pan-African ideas have travelled to and from Central Africa; how it resonates with the present and shapes new futures. Together, these discussions propose a renewed outlook upon the relationship between Panafricanism, arts and archives from a Congo's perspective.



The Models & The Porters


How do young people view their careers? Is working a dream come true for them or something more of a necessary evil? In The Models, filmmaker Sarah Vanagt looks at the aspirations of the young people of Brussels just before they take the plunge into the job market. The installation, together with her earlier film, The Porters, can be seen at K1.


Film premiere

The Models & The Porters




In The Porters, young people in Brussels, with many different backgrounds and horizons, watch the oldest preserved film footage of the Congo: silent documentary images shot by a Belgian military attaché, Armand Hutereau, during a colonial expedition in the northeast of Congo between 1911 and 1913.
The Models gathers intimate conversations about the place that work holds in the lives of the young people involved. It’s about expectations and ambitions, role patterns and models. About personal visions of the future and a society that is changing rapidly.


UNLEASHED by Crystallmess



Saturday’s night shift is carefully curated by Crystallmess.With UNLEASHED, she puts together a programme of screenings, live ambient sets and club music including Space Afrika, Valentin Noujaïm, oxhy and He4rtbroken.


Lyra Pramuk, Erwan Sene & Zeta Lys



From futurist folk to afrotrance and polyphonic mise-en-scènes, music is yet again at the core of Night Shift’s third edition. Over two evenings, the event brings together artists who escape categories and work at the frontier of styles and disciplines.


Éric Androa Mindre Kolo / Yannos Majestikos / Anne Reijniers, Nizar Saleh, Paul Shemisi, Rob Jacobs

Performances 'Kinshasa mon corps' / 'Tala Lelo' & screening


Éric Androa Mindre Kolo is known for his performances which emphasize the relationship between the body, current events, and global conflicts. It takes a poetic look at the future, examining the role of humour, personal testimonies, and the public space.


In performances by Yannos Majestikos, his exuberant costumes, often used in public space, draw attention to issues such as environmental crisis and colonial heritage. In these performances at K1, the artists turn their attention towards Brussels and Kinshasa's urban fabric.