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Beginnings Marathon

Vlatka Horvat

© Tim Etchells: Page One, 2015. Courtesy the artist.

We have all had an extraordinary and difficult year. Our world came to a partial standstill. We are longing for a new beginning. But how do we begin again? Do we start where we ended in March 2020? Or will it be the beginning of something totally different? Do we start again cautiously or will it be the new roaring twenties? And should we be looking for that one new beginning? The importance and the danger of a new beginning amidst the 'post-crisis' vulnerability cannot be overestimated.


The project Beginnings Marathon by Croatian UK-based artist Vlatka Horvat collects 'beginnings' in the form of first pages of books.


Vlatka invites you to come to KANAL with a book - or books - that have meant a lot to you and read the first page out loud. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a classic or a pulp novel, a comic book or a scientific work, .... Are you new to reading or do you already read aloud with a cracking voice, ... it doesn't matter. And you can read in the language of your choice. In this way, we will all create together a Babylonian collage of 'beginnings', opening statements and unfinished stories.


So come to KANAL in the afternoon of Sunday 25 April, the very last day of the exhibition It Never Ends, with your 'beginning'. If you can't make it to KANAL, or if you'd rather not read aloud to an audience, send us a scan or a photo of that first page and we'll get someone else to read it for you in your name and in your language (mail to info@kanal.brussels).