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Tea Time #1

John M Armleder in conversation with Bernard Blistène and Mai-Thu Perret

© Brioni FW15 - John Armleder© Annik Wetter - Mai Thu Perret© Veerle Vercauteren - Bernard Blistène

Drinking tea, artists talking to each other, friends talking amongst each other, including the public in the exchanges, creating a contact between art and everyday life. John M Armleder has been conceiving works of art, exhibitions and events as encounters ever since the 1960s. The work of art becomes both the object of an aesthetic experience and the occasion for a meeting and an exchange. Every day therefore, as part of the exhibition It Never Ends, Armleder talks, at tea time and in public, with his guests: artists, curators, friends and acquaintances, etc. An inaugural encounter with Mai-Thu Perret, an artist from Geneva, and guest of the exhibition, and Bernard Blistène, Director of the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris, and general curator of the exhibition.

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