Premiere Celu Garnitures

© Photographe: Peter Cox – Courtoisie de l’artiste et de Zeno X Gallery, Anvers

Premiere Celu Garnitures (2021) is a wall-based work combining various techniques and materials: press cut-outs, various types of print, and painting. The work combines five different images of women: three close-ups of female faces cut out from magazines are stuck onto the wooden board, while two nude silhouettes are printed in black on the Plexiglas panel.

The images have been digitally manipulated, their nudity partially obscured. The artist has covered parts of the board with white and pink splashes and parts of the Plexiglas panel have been printed over with green. Overlaying the images and colours on multiple surfaces gives the work a sense of depth and three-dimensionality.

Typically for AMVK, all images appropriated and used in the Premiere Celu Garnitures are sourced from her extensive archive, which includes many porn magazines. For decades she has been exploring the sexualised representation of women in media and popular culture.