© Photographe: Peter Cox – Courtoisie de l’artiste et de Zeno X Gallery, Anvers

Resistir (1991) is a two-metre tall work made with silkscreen paint and plastic foil on Trovicel. The image is mounted on two wooden panels connected with iron hinges. Each panel has a human-scale image of a female figure (one upside down) representing the artist.

Like many works by AMVK, Resistir is based on pre-existing images: photographs of the artist taken by her partner. As she commented:  "I made a mental striptease starting from photos that my then boyfriend took of me in 1977. Each of those works is a different interpretation of how you expose yourself: half hidden behind a crack, doubled by a mirror, or open like a fan." [In De 5 Stappen van een Hard Lichaam, p. 186, 1991]