L'Archipel du moi

© Ariane Loze & Michel Rein Paris Bruxelles

L'Archipel du moi is part of a larger project, MÔWN (Movies On My Own), which brings together a series of micro-fictions produced completely autonomously, each with strong ties to the place where they were filmed. In this project, the artist distorts then re-enacts the codes of cinema, film noir and science-fiction, casting a critical eye on the structures of contemporary social life.

In L'Archipel du moi, the adventure begins in the former Citroën garage, just before it was transformed to house the KANAL BRUT exhibition in 2018-2019. Ariane Loze wears not just many hats, but every hat. As director, cinematographer, scriptwriter, editor, costume designer, lighting designer and performer, she questions the very idea of a collection, drawing a parallel between the multi-faceted personalities, the works in the museum, and the mass-produced cars. Taking full advantage of the vast magnitude of the space, the artist resonates the multiplicity of desires embodied by the different characters, in a quest for self that reaches the point of absurdity. The work also makes it possible for the viewer to see the entirety of the building as it was before its transformation from car body workshop to showroom. It therefore constitutes an actual archive.